Summary of manufacturing experience
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Summary of manufacturing experience

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Summary of manufacturing experience

Summary of manufacturing experience


Course content introduction

1、 Responsibilities of manufacturing workers

2、 New product proofing process

3、 Proofing and recognition of purchased parts

4、 Packing, SOP and BOM production precautions

5、 Abnormal handling in mass production stage

Responsibilities of manufacturing workers

Eliminate the bad process, ensure the smooth process, meet the customer's requirements, improve the process and quality in the early stage of the product, prevent and solve the possible problems in advance, and help to deal with the problems in the mass production stage, so that the production can proceed smoothly

New product proofing process

Pre process: (forming material)

1. The contract review meeting needs to know the mold details, number of holes and raw materials. After knowing the number of holes, it is necessary to confirm the way of feeding glue and the head structure during forming, so as to decide whether to make punching jigs (requirements for the residue of the head); and measuring jigs for irregular products. In order to make jigs, it is necessary to contact the jigs group in advance, so as to make drawings and prepare materials in advance and improve efficiency

2. During die test, the die group shall go to the test module to confirm the status of die test. The corresponding person in charge of the manufacturing group shall be responsible for the test coating of the die, and the test results shall be reported to the person in charge of the die group

3. When product design changes, the person in charge must inform the fixture group at the first time, so as to modify the fixture in time. (design change contact list)

4. The packing style and SOP part of formed products shall be completed in time after t0

5. Forming and color mixing. Part of the process workers can participate in the judgment together (special case: sharp)

Post process: (coating / steaming)

1. The post process files shall be filed and the data shall be complete

2. Correctly record the coating conditions: coating number, proportion, viscosity, film thickness, baking temperature, linear velocity, UV energy, etc. as the subsequent reference (proofing report, BOM data, etc.)

3. The film thickness shall be measured by the film thickness piece and the basic physical properties shall be tested (such as the Baige test) during each proofing

4. The samples and defective samples shall be kept after the online proofing, and the yield report and the countermeasure analysis report of the defective reasons shall be provided

5. Collect and take photos of the bad samples during proofing, and make them into the format of casting film for meeting review

6. If the customer requires color difference or light transmittance test, it shall be conducted during proofing. If there is deviation between the factory test and the client test, multiple identical parts can be measured, and the average value and upper and lower limits can be taken as the control range. (information feedback service)

7. Pay special attention to the influence of the binding line, air pattern and die closing line on the subsequent process

8. Pay attention to the actual matching action of the fixture and the product, not only to meet the requirements of jet blocking, but also to be easy to install and take, so as to ensure the subsequent mass production

9. When coating / steaming fixture trial, confirm the maximum usage times of fixture. Meanwhile, record the film thickness of each station during trial to facilitate the construction of BOM

10. For products with many colors or brilliant colors, the main part and small parts shall be proofed first to ensure the consistency of the whole machine color and facilitate our color matching

11. If there is any problem in proofing, it shall be reported in time, and it is necessary to hold a meeting in time for review before proceeding

12. The whole process of proofing and coating shall be participated in. The person in charge can enter the steaming workshop only after the application is approved by the supervisor. (the supplier can enter only after the approval of the deputy general manager.)

13. A pre production meeting shall be held before production, at which problems and precautions shall be explained to relevant units

14. The standard sample shall be well protected and preserved, and the whole mold product shall be sent to QM on site, and the QM shall determine the upper mold

15. When the sample is sent to the business, it shall be sent after being checked and confirmed by QM and department head

Post process: (printing / laser carving / precision carving / laser cutting / assembly)

1. Materials prepared before proofing shall be complete: steel plate / mesh plate / film / fixture / ink used, materials provided by business, etc

2. Evaluate the steel plate or mesh plate used according to the customer's manuscript and drawing file, and write the application form to the purchasing department in advance

3. Printed manuscript. CDR, DWG or AI format is recommended, and PDF format is not recommended, because the proportion of PDF cannot be guaranteed

4. The film used for printing / radium carving is made by the manufacturer in liaison, with one copy for the location film and one copy for the drawing file film. For the high requirements, it needs to be measured and confirmed by QM, and now it is distributed on site after it is OK

5. If UV protection is not applied to the surface after printing, hardener reinforcement shall be added to the general ink

Sex. If the intermediate process, the ink generally does not need to add hardener

6. The position and direction of the printed / radium font shall be confirmed carefully, and deviation is not allowed

Transfer and printing or engraving are not good

7. When making printing / radium cutting tools, attention shall be paid to avoid dazzle. Do not rotate the products 180 degrees

Can be put down. After the fixture is done, the tooling needs to be confirmed

8. Carefully record the printing conditions when printing proofing: ink number, manufacturer, proportion, baking temperature, etc., as the subsequent reference (proofing report, BOM data, etc.)

9. Pay attention to the static time and baking time for proofing of printed matter (static before baking, baking before stationary)

10. Generally, it is necessary to control the light transmission effect of radium carving products to prevent the uneven phenomenon after radium carving

11. Limitation of radium cutting process materials, (PMMA materials), other materials will change color or burn after radium cutting

12. The position of laser cutting fixture corresponding to the light source needs to be hollowed out, because the laser is fired on the electric wood fixture

Black smoke is produced, thus polluting the product

Proofing and recognition of purchased parts

1. Pre proofing data of purchased parts: customer drawings, samples, customer requirements for purchased parts and relevant test requirements, etc

2. Contact at least two qualified suppliers or the supplier designated by the customer for parts proofing, so as not to affect the processing speed in case of abnormal production

3. For silica gel, sheet metal and shrapnel purchased parts, the mold opening fee shall be paid. After the purchase and the supplier negotiate the price and place the order, the production technology shall conduct the proofing operation. The mold application form shall be filled in by the business

4. When notifying the manufacturer for proofing, it is necessary to confirm the sample delivery and delivery period for tracking and mastering

5. When the manufacturer sends samples, it is necessary to confirm whether the relevant data are complete (such as dimension report and test report) so that the factory can arrange tests. The quality assurance department assists in measuring the size of the samples, and the Biotechnology Department confirms whether the structure and function of the samples meet the customer's requirements

6. Pay attention to the size rebound on the thickness of the foam sample. If it is used as a coating / electroplating fixture, pay attention to the problem of residual glue

7. Coating or electroplating and specular high gloss products need to be free of grid and low viscosity, and other products can be used as ordinary ones. (environmental test for protective films)

8. The tolerance of accessories cannot be enlarged at will. If it is necessary to enlarge, it must be approved by the guest or the supervisor

9. After the sample is confirmed to be OK in advance, the sample can be provided to the customer for trial production, and finally determine whether the sample is OK. For example, ng biotechnology informs the supplier for improvement

10. The client confirms that it is OK before formally notifying the supplier to make the acknowledgment

11. The format of the acknowledgment of purchased parts shall be standardized, which shall not be changed at will or lack of relevant data

12. Parts shall be tested for the whole mold products, and the supplier shall not replace the cutter mold at will after acceptance

13. Relevant SGS report and MSDS report must also be provided for accessories

14. The packaging method of accessories shall consider the convenience and smoothness of on-site operation, such as single package or multiple accessories on the same release paper. (for assembly line)

15. After the sample and acknowledgment are confirmed as OK by the manufacturer, the acknowledgment and sample shall be provided to IQC to confirm the size and test related physical properties, and the manufacturer shall be contacted to improve and send the sample again when ng is detected

16. There is no need to make a letter of acknowledgment for the recognition of coating or ink. After the final confirmation of the customer's acknowledgment is OK, it is necessary to ask the supplier for SGS, MSDS and other relevant test reports

Packing, SOP and BOM production precautions

1. Necessary data before baling: details of parts (customer, specification, product name and part number, etc.), complete samples (with material head), customer requirements for packaging, etc

2. The quantity of the whole box shall be calculated accurately, and it is not allowed to load more or less

3. The forming packing and SOP production are the same

4. The packing modification resume shall be clearly noted and clear at a glance

5. SOP pictures shall be complete and clear, and text description shall be easy to understand

6. The description of bad pictures should be added to the notice

7. Product number classification shall be correct, unified and capitalized

8. BOM input data should be completely accurate, and the application form should be to

9. ERP forms shall be used correctly, signed and approved completely, and easy to fly system and Dingxin system shall be distinguished

10. The calculation of component consumption shall be accurate, and attention shall be paid to the unit of component. (kg, PCS)

11. The unit consumption correction of coating and ink in mass production can only be implemented after the approval of the vice president

12. The unit weight of the middle part of the system needs to be input (forming, coating, assembling, etc.)

13. Item No. can be saved only after it is completely matched with BOM, and BOM can be used only after approval

14. ERP forms shall be filed by date for audit and inquiry

Mass production stage

1. When the problem occurs, confirm whether the sample has the same defect, and then deal with it

2. The problem confirmation belongs to the real-time recruitment of relevant departments for review and scheduling. If there is any improvement, please inform the relevant departments in the form of report. At the same time, confirm whether to change SOP, BOM, etc

3. When solving a problem, think about it from multiple perspectives, think about some solutions, and don't let go of every possible problem, and then verify it

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